Kristin & Daniel | NYC Winter Engagement Session

Years ago, I met Kristin while working at Disneyland. When she and her fiancé, Daniel, booked their very first visit to New York City, she contacted me right away to plan their engagement session. Although he had proposed a year before, they had been holding off on having engagement photos taken, waiting for something truly unique for them. What could be more iconic than Central Park after a snowstorm and a view of the skyline?! We broke their session up into two days because NYC was experiencing a deep freeze their first weekend here. Coming from year-round perfect weather in Southern California, they were such troopers in the cold! A few days later the temperature shot up to the 50s when we visited Top of the Rock for part two! You just never know what to expect in the Northeast. 

When they were in sixth grade, Daniel gave Kristin a Valentine that she ended up throwing in the trash! Daniel was heartbroken when he saw it there later, but she eventually decided to give him a chance and 14 YEARS later, the rest is history! Capturing the goofy, fun, spirited love these two share was the perfect way to start 2017 and will remain a highlight. I am so happy and excited for their future. Congratulations! 

See more of Kristin & Daniel's Central Park & Top of the Rock session below!

Calm After the Storm

This weekend, Olivia and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to my hometown in New Hampshire. We checked the weather and packed a day early! During the mini road trip from NYC, we noticed "Winter Storm Warning" signs along the highways. What winter storm?! I definitely missed that... 

Waking up to several inches of snow was not ideal. I was completely unprepared for this weather (No snow boots, gloves, or even a proper coat! Luckily I found one on sale!) But after the snow stopped... we were graced with the most gorgeous sunset - very worth wearing the wrong boots for a few hours! 

Alie's Snow Day!

Welcome to NYC!

New York City was hit with a record storm last weekend! The city saw over two feet from it's first snowfall of the season. It was fun to watch from my windows, but after being stuck inside for so long, it was time to get out and play with what Winter Storm Jonas delivered!

Images in snow are so beautiful! I was excited to have scheduled a session with a new friend while the storm raged on. I met Alie at a Rising Tide Society meeting last month. She is a photographer too, and is one half of the talented team from Love Charm Photo. Alie just recently moved to NYC not too long ago. I'm so happy to welcome her to the Big Apple with a wintertime photo shoot in Central Park!