Zombies & Rock 'n' Roll

*Originally written August 29, 2015.

In my first blog, I told you about how I did something new! The following weekend was full of new experiences too! A friend asked me to photograph a campy, comedic variety show featuring zombies, aliens, burlesque and blood. This is definitely not usual for me, but why not?! It's produced by EndTimes Productions and is called The Ded Sullivan Show. The most recent run was at Times Scare in Manhattan.

It was such a blast! I really enjoyed it! Capturing a live show can be such a challenge. At Disneyland, I used to capture once-in-a-lifetime experiences for students from all over the globe for Disney Performing Arts. It was my absolute favorite role at the resort and what I miss most. The Ded Sullivan Show was the first performance I photographed since my last day at Disney in May 2014.

Last summer I was hired as a contributing music photographer for punk.ie, an Irish punk music site. This gets me on the list and a press pass for various rock shows. I’m a huge music fan and thrilled for the opportunity.

That Sunday night was my first show in Brooklyn. Headed out to Saint Vitus Bar to shoot a band called Bishops Green. I met a few guys in the band outside. They made sure I was on the list and we headed in for sound check. This was exactly the kind of rock bar I used to love hanging out back in the day. Dark and decked out with all things rock and roll. Of course I had to stay away from the mosh pit! Got some great shots when the band started their 9:45 set.

Here's to more weekends with fun gigs, new friends, and great experiences!